“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words.”

– Edgar Allan Poe

The following is a collection of verse written by Reg. Like his short stories, Reg draws much inspiration from his family and enjoys creating verse for them.

Ballad to Elijah

He wore his football coat,
of colours white and red
A football was in his hands
a red cap on his head
For football he loved
never bothering with his bed

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What is the grandest thing of all to be?
It is to be a boy.
Nothing compares to the joy and freedom of boyhood.
The world is only as young as you are
And there is adventure around every corner.
You are full of vigour and the imagination runs wild.
Pirates, robbers and other fiends can be fought at every turn.
And it is you, you who win over every time,
To great (imaginative) glory as witness by others…

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Boys Playing Basketball

Such beauty in motion, so much energy.
Never ending.
Even aggressive, but always with beauty.
Bouncing, blocking, aiming for the goals.
Sweat comes, combatting though friendly.

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Ode to Elijah

Before the dividing of days
Or the singing of summer or spring
God from the dust did raise
A splendid and goodly thing:

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