Reginald Andrew Wentworth Watson.  Reg is a full time, professional writer, speaker, and historian. He is a journalist with 52 years of published experience. He has many major publications to his credit, most dealing with Tasmanian history, including military. His journalism has seen him contribute over a thousand articles, dealing with human interest, feature work and news reporting, to numerous newspapers and magazines state-wide, nation-wide, and overseas.

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The Service and Legacy of Her Majesty the Queen
With the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, we witnessed history.  For most here today, all we have known is The Queen!  Suddenly to realise that she is no longer with us comes as a …
The Queen in Tasmania
With the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, it is well to remember her connection toTasmania. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II during her 1963 Tasmanian tour at the steps of the Town Hall. Sitting, Mayor …
Was the past better than today?
People born post 1990 may think society has always been like it is, but having been born in the late 40s, I can compare what is to what was.  Over those seventy and more years, things …
The British Heritage of Tasmania
Tasmanian historian and author, Reg Watson, recently was awarded Life Membership to the British Australian Community for (to quote) "in recognition of his work representing the interests of British Australians over a span of more than …

Life Membership British Australian Community

On the 2nd of July 2022 at a ceremony held in Melbourne, Reg was made a Life Member of the British Australian Community.

“The study of history allows us to understand our past and guide us going forward.
We have much to loose if we don’t reflect on our history”

Reg Watson

I recognise the incredible contribution that the early settlers and pioneers of Tasmania have made to society.  I acknowledge their sacrifice, their endurance against massive odds and their leadership past, present and into the future. I honour those who went before me, including those soldiers who left our land to lay their life on the line.  I acknowledge them all.