Reginald Andrew Wentworth Watson.  Reg is a full time, professional writer, speaker and historian. He is a journalist with 52 years of published experience. He has many major publications to his credit, most dealing with Tasmanian history, including military. His journalism has seen him contribute over a thousand  articles, dealing with human interest, feature work and news reporting, to numerous newspapers and magazines state-wide, nation-wide and overseas.

From Reg’s Desk

Andrew Inglis Clarke
Father of Federation and of the Hare Clarke Voting System Clark, an amazing Tasmania, was a Barrister, Parliamentarian, Attorney-General, electoral reformer and Constitutionalist. Clark was indeed a ‘sound’ lawyer.  His refusal to accept anything, but an …
Australia in the year 2021
Australia in the year 2021. A police State. A country where our freedoms have been taken away. This is the new RESET. It is a country where those in charge, Police Commissioners, so-called health experts, advisors …
120th Anniversary of the Australian National Flag
The Australian Flag 3rd September this year is the 120th anniversary of the Australian National Flag, which dates from 1901. It was on that day Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the winners of a competition who …
We the people must regain our inherited freedoms
Even before the present virus outbreak, our freedoms were being eroded. Democracy we have seen is not a guarantee for freedom, ending up what could be termed, electoral dictatorship, meaning for the electorate there’s little choice. …

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“The study of history allows us to understand our past and guide us going forward.
We have much to loose if we don’t reflect on our history”

Reg Watson

I recognise the incredible contribution that the early settlers and pioneers of Tasmania have made to society.  I acknowledge their sacrifice, their endurance against massive odds and their leadership past, present and into the future. I honour those who went before me, including those soldiers who left our land to lay their life on the line.  I acknowledge them all.