Short Stories

“You can make anything by writing.”

– C. S. Lewis

The following is a collection of short stories written by Reg.

The Adventures of Brendan and Reg (a true account)

I first met Brendan some decades ago in a sleepy, dusty and seedy town, south of the border down Mexico way. I had been thrown out of the US because of scandals that even made Hollywood blush. I was drinking tequila in a grubby Cantina one afternoon, spending the last of my pesos wondering what to do next, when I heard a shot gun blast. I ran out to see what was happening and at the end of the street swinging from a down pipe of the second floor of a hacienda was a fellow who at the same time was trying to keep his trousers up with one hand. He fell to the dusty ground and started to run in my direction, with the big, fat, dirty swarthy Mexican taking further aim at him with his double-barrel shot gun. Fortunately he was not a good shot….

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Elijah Kills the Giant

Now in the days of old in Merry England there was a boy called Elijah. King Alfred the Great, the only British King to be called “Great” had died with the whole land lamenting his death. Alfred was indeed a great king who brought peace to the land after conquering the invading Danes and then making peace in turn with them. The Danes settled and intermarried with the Anglo-Saxons and there was great happiness and prosperity in England. (Angleland).

Elijah was the only son of Lady Kylie and Lord Francis, who had worked as an advisor to Alfred the Great. Now the great king was dead…

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Gracie International Ballet Dancer

Gracie sat on her balcony at Taroona, overlooking the River Derwent, not far from Hobart city. She had returned to her land of her birth, oh so many years ago now. How long had it been? She now lived alone with her memories of the many glorious years when she was an international ballerina star.

She sipped irregularly at her cool drink. It was summer and hot. She made a point every day to enjoy a cool drink at this time on the balcony pondering on what was. She reached for her sunglasses as the sparking waters from the river were the reflecting the sun’s rays. Her grandchildren will be visiting her later today, Timothy, Elderslie and Jimmy, children of her daughter, Anastasia and her husband Benny…

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Keziah’s Journey (a spiritual experience)

Keziah was bewildered. She didn’t know where she was. One minute she was walking along a bush path leading to the summit of Mount Wellington, when suddenly the environment had changed. She was aware of it, but didn’t know how it happened. Before she was ascending and the trail was rocky with eucalyptus gums on either side; and it was hot. She could remember that as she was longing for a drink from the cool stream that emanated from the small water fall called Silver falls which was not far off. She had done this walk before, so she knew what to expect. Now, however, everything was different. Her track was now surrounded not by gums, but by tall, remarkably green pine trees. The air was cool not hot. The scent was not of dryness, but fresh as though it had not long rained. There was also a slight breeze whereas previously there was none. Though bewildered she was not afraid…

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Murder Most Foul at Ross

This incredible episode occurred in the recent past. It was I who was in charge of the investigation. I am now retired. Reg contacted me to write a brief foreword to his story on the triple murders in the tranquil village of Ross in the midlands of Tasmania where nothing really happens.

Oh, how that changed in just over two terrible and long days. The case was most peculiar and has to go down as one of the strangest multiple murders in Tasmania’s history.

I do not agree with Reg’s handling of the story completely. I think he was being too unkind in reference to me. However, he off shot it with some complimentary comments. As a result I have over looked his opinion regarding my personality. I was a very competent detective and perhaps my confidence in my ability showed and I do not apologise for it…

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My First Holliday

I was somewhat a peculiar lad. I was fifteen when an offer came to spend a weekend in the midlands historic town of Bothwell. I grabbed it. Even though it was winter, (June school holidays) it did not seem to perturb me in the least. Anyone who knows Bothwell and the Highland area is well aware that June/July can be brutally cold, foggy, drizzly and plenty of sleet…

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Pirates Life for Me

When I was just a boy, about your age, I began an amazing adventure of which only dreams are made. For at that time, I became a pirate and for the next seven or eight years roamed the great seas of the world, living a life of fun, excitement and comradeship. You must understand of course, that I was a good pirate. Now I know you must be asking, ‘how can a pirate be good?’ To answer that, perhaps I can start at the very beginning of my incredible tale upon the high seas and the drama that unfolded. It happened like this…

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Pirates School

Well as you know, I told you about my early life as a pirate and some of the adventures which I had when I sailed the seven seas with my pirate friends. As I said, it was all true. Then I told you that I left my pirate friends and returned to Tasmania after I got married to the most beautiful of girls. So what did I do then? Well quite frankly I did indeed miss the adventurous life of excitement and plunder. Nonetheless I settled in a blissful domestic life that marriage can bring and I never regretted it. But, as said, I did miss my old life and friends…

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The Crusades of Prince Elijah

“Your Highness, a rider approaches,” cried the Herald to Prince Elijah.

The Prince, finely attired in green satin cloak edged with mink fur befitting to his status, strode manfully to the barricades of his kingly castle at Rockingham. Prince Elijah was a robust youth of twenty years, loved by his subjects and the darling of the King and Queen, King Francis and Queen Kylie…

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Small Miracles – Phoebe

It had been one of those long summer days, although a brisk cool sea breeze had now begun to blow. Phoebe was looking out of the lounge room window observing from the sofa the calm glimmering waters of the bay. She had been home all day, a little bored. Phoebe had played with her sister and brothers and helped mum clean the house and now was waiting for dad to come home. But that would be in a couple of hours’ time. So what to do…

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The Kempton Affair

After the episode in Ross regarding the triple murder in which I was involved in solving, I settled into my mundane routine the best I could. I had given up the 5 Hundred Card Club, it proving to be full of gossipers and in the end, rather boring….same people, same conversation. Indeed Ross became for me a place of too much familiarity and what with the dreadful murder scenes which I have referred to, the memories were beginning to determine my moods. I then thought of moving…

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The Prophecy Fulfilled

The youth Elijah was at home with his father, Francis. Mother Kylie and his sisters, Phoebe, Keziah, Gracie and brother Reuben were away attending to the sick and the needy.

Elijah was on his computer when suddenly he looked up. Father Francis noticed the jerked reaction of his son. He was puzzled. Elijah looked around, as though, someone was speaking to him, yet he heard nothing. He shook his head and went back typing on his computer keyboard. It happened again. Curious, his father asked, “What is it son?” Elijah took a moment to answer. “Ah nothing. It is just…it is hard to explain…I thought someone called my name…”

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