Australia in the year 2021

Australia in the year 2021. A police State. A country where our freedoms have been taken away. This is the new RESET. It is a country where those in charge, Police Commissioners, so-called health experts, advisors and Premiers instruct us to inform on our fellow citizens – all for our own good; all in the name of fighting the spread of Covid-19. We now have a two tiered citizenship, those who are vaxxed and those who are not vaxxed. Perhaps the latter should go around with a yellow star sewn to their breasts. The country is hopelessly in debt which grows by the day.

The Premiers have become power drunk; show no compassion, no understanding, lie and are corrupt. Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, does nothing. He does not lead when he should. Is he just too weak or is he a willing part of the whole rotten system? When the Australian Constitution is abused he says not a word, other than “there’s nothing I can do” even though he can use the High Court. That is what it is there for. Interpreting the Australian Constitution.

I never thought I would see Australia come to this. We live in a world that is beyond imagining a few years ago. A country where police brutally bash fellow citizens while being selective on who can hold demonstrations and who cannot. Compare the treatment between the soft approach to Black Lives Matter and the brutal repression of the Freedom Marches and Workers. The police too are drunk on their new found power. They have forgotten their oath and have become nothing but agents of the government – governments who are corrupt and sinister.

I wonder what those who sacrificed their lives in war would think of the new Australia. What would they think of the mediocre creatures that control our lives called politicians? To be fair a few are standing up for the people, like Pauline Hanson, Mark Latham, Craig Kelly, Campbell Newman, George Christensen, Eric Abetz and Malcolm Roberts. Too few in number. The majority will do what their Party tells them to do. This is the weakness of the Party Political system. Why do we keep voting for the same old parties? Liberal/Labour/National and Greens? After all they are the ones who have destroyed this nation of ours. They are all globalists, believing in the One World Government. They have been taken up on the mountain and have sold their souls to the devil. In the meantime the people suffer, suicides are up, mental health is up, bankruptcies are up, businesses closing down and people struggle financially. Kids can’t play in the parks. Curfews. What nonsense is this? And we are all forced to have the jab. Families cannot visit each other, cannot attend funerals and children are separated from their parents. People cannot attend religious services. This is crazy and callous.

What was it that ex-President of the USA, Ronald Reagan said, “the most dangerous ten words in the English language is, I am from the government, I’m here to help you’’ Governments are not here to help us, they are here to entrench their own power, which is always at the expense of the people. Remember the section in the bible, when the people screamed and demanded to have government run by mortals. It was the prophet Samuel who warned them of the dangers awaiting them. (1 Samuel 8). Fellow prophet Jeremiah was to write, “The heart is wicked above all things, who can know it?” (17:9). And so it is with human nature – not to serve, but to be served. Our Premiers, little people who have no souls, fulfil that status.
In my humble opinion and I hope I am wrong, but Australia is (to put it crudely) “stuffed”. But there is something more here than just Australia – it is a world-wide phenomenon that is going on. Repression throughout the western world. It’s working to an agenda. Those in charge are evil in the extreme.

Much of the mainstream media are co-operating in this, mouthing the government line that we all need to give up our freedom for the betterment of all, but with no clear indication when those freedoms will be given back – which will be never. We have entered a new era, a dark era, when thuggery and brainwashing is the order of the day. Sadly most people comply, but there are the few who will lead, who are brave, and who believe that we are free individuals. God has given us our freedom, not governments. We can choose how we live. All this cannot be happening by accident. It is by design. Premiers, Prime Ministers, even Presidents are just puppets serving those behind the scenes, the cabals who are calling the shots – the billionaires the bankers, financiers and corporate giants. And as for the ordinary politician? He or she are again just puppets, but lower down on the chain, while the useful idiots are the brainless robots that implement their will without knowing it in every facet of society.

But there is hope. There is always hope. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. There is an in-built passion within human beings for freedom. We have seen tyranny come and go throughout history and freedom reasserts itself. It comes at a price usually by the few sacrificing themselves for the benefit of many. I believe Good will prevail in the end. I do recall that line in the movie “Never Ending Story “when the young boy confronted the savage, horrible beast (and is there a hidden message here?), who said “I am just a Messenger,” adding, “when people believe in nothing they are easier to control.” That’s where we are at now, isn’t it? Our beliefs, our heritage, our religions are mocked and discarded. People do not believe in anything anymore. Thus they are easier to control with myths like global warming and that we all going to die because of the virus if we do not do as we are told. They are superior beings, the political elite. Yet, we are “all in it together” which is just sheer nonsense and hypocritical.
Stand firm. Do not compromise. Keep your faith and trust, attributes that will lead to victory. Whereas wen the people are constantly being fed a message of fear; just remember that is because the political elite fear the people.