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Brereton * Marriott

Wentworth * Feltham

Morgan * Wade


Rockingham Castle

Ancestral Home of the Watson’s


It was BRERETON ROSS ROLLA PORTER PEMBERTON WATSON of this particular Watson line who came to Van Diemen’ s Land (VDL) in 1824, soon followed by his brother FELTHAM BOLD. Both men married daughters of JOHN WADE who came to VDL with Lt-Gov David Collins in 1804, who led the first permanent British settlement of Tasmania. JOHN WADE, who arrived with Daivd Collins in 1804, in turn, married Catherine, daughter of RICHARD MORGAN, a first fleeter (1788), who was the first settler on the eastern shore of Hobart (1806).

Brereton was the son of JOHN AND ANGELINA WATSON of LONDON.

Any one who believes they are connected to this particular WATSON line, or who simply are interested, please contact Reg

The Watsons, as a people, came to England with the Norman invasion and are connected to and descend from the Watsons of Rockingham Castle, Rutland. From there they settled in Ireland returning to London, then to VDL.

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A descendant of Richard Morgan – Steven Clark has produced an authentic Tasmanian Mead. More information is available here

Mr Reg. Watson has spent decades researching this family line and over the years had come in contact with many other family members, a number who are fine family researchers. The line of Watson, embracing the Brereton line, can go directly back to the mid 15th century. It is a fascinating line, members taking part in major events of history.

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